MAIANA AIS USB + RS422 Adapter
  • MAIANA AIS USB + RS422 Adapter

MAIANA AIS USB + RS422 Adapter

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You need this adapter to connect your MAIANA™ AIS base Kit to your computer by USB or to your NMEA 0183 network by RS422. This adapter features galvanic isolation of its micro USB connection to avoid electric problems with laptops and other devices. This means that you cannot power MAIANA™ base Kits by USB, it must connect to a 12V battery.

You will need to furnish your own Cat5 cable for connecting the MAIANA™ base Kit to this adapter. Pick one with appropriate length and flexibility to suit your installation. The exact configuration of the cable (568A or 568B) is not important.

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Out of stock but backorders are allowed. We expect new stock to arrive at the end of July.


  • RJ45 Female.
  • Micro USB Female.
  • 4 pins screw connector (GND, 12V, NMEA-, NMEA+)

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  • MAIANA™ AIS USB + RS422 Adapter

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