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MAIANA™ devices are not finished products, they need to be assembled by end users to function. MAIANA™ devices are distributed for research and development purposes. MAIANA™ devices are delivered with the ability to transmit disabled by default and have not been tested for compliance with regulations governing transmission of radio signals. End users are legally responsible for using the MAIANA™ device for transmission. We do not recommend to rely solely on MAIANA™ devices for navigation and collision avoidance.

We do not recommend to rely solely on dAISy HAT for navigation and collision avoidance.

Technology and the laws and limitations imposed by manufacturers and content owners are constantly changing. Thus, some of the projects described may not work, may be inconsistent with current laws or user agreements, or may damage or adversely affect some equipment. Your safety is your own responsibility, including proper use of equipment and safety gear, and determining whether you have adequate skill and experience. Power tools, electricity, and other resources used for these projects are dangerous, unless used properly and with adequate precautions, including safety gear. Some illustrative photos do not depict safety precautions or equipment, in order to show the project steps more clearly. These projects are not intended for use by children. Use of the instructions, kits, projects and suggestions on is at your own risk. OpenMarine disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury, or expense. It is your responsibility to make sure that your activities comply with applicable laws, including copyright. Always check the webpage associated with each project before you get started. There may be important updates or corrections! If you feel uncomfortable with assembling any project or kit, simply contact us to return it for a full refund. OpenMarine is not responsible for your shipping product function or certification if you choose to use our products in your design.

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