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Pypilot mid-power motor controller
  • Pypilot mid-power motor controller
  • Pypilot mid-power motor controller
  • Pypilot mid-power motor controller

Pypilot mid-power motor controller

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Controller for larger mechanical drives or smaller hydraulic pumps up to 15A continuous output (25A peak). This controller supports 2x the power of the regular motor controller.

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This motor controller needs to be paired with a suitable autopilot computer such as Tinypilot or OpenPlotter running pypilot.

  • Over-temperature, over-current (stall) detection.
  • Fuse and reverse polarity protection.
  • Voltage, current, temperature and rudder feedback.
  • Optional port/starboard end of travel input switches.
  • Serial communication with optical isolation, prevent ground loops and other electrical problems.
  • Waterproof 4 pin connection to autopilot computer (serial communication).
  • Optional motor/pump temperature sensor.
  • Modular design, Arduino based, open source software.
  • Clutch output, supports PWM setting (reduces current needed to hold clutch on). The optional clutch output is not usually needed because most tiller-pilots and wheel-pilots must be engaged manually.
  • Supports 12 and 24 volts.






  • 104 x 70 x 25 mm


3D printed

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